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Dreaming of the Beach

Dreaming of the Beach

Reflecting on My Private World
Water is My Freedom

At first, the idea of traveling without work being the focal point of my trip is highly unsettling. I am at ease roaming around alone for business - this is my world. I am not comfortable setting work aside to plan a vacation with a friend. I imagine life without a strict schedule dictating time and the forthcoming freedom is seductive.

At the time we make our reservations, travel to Koh Samui is not a paralyzing concern. The only drawback is there are no longer direct flights from Chiang Mai. All flights go through Bangkok. We soon forget this slight inconvenience and focus on the exciting moments ahead.

Our trip is next week. I have ample time to do my usual research before we leave. We want to know what is available but prefer to keep an open program.

Suddenly all comes to a screeching halt. COVID-19 is back strong in Thailand. The focus is on containing the disease. Due to travel restrictions, we are postponing our plans. Once again, we are living in the unknown.

Yes, we are disappointed. But, once the government says it is safe to travel, we will go to Koh Samui. Our dreams are on hold - not canceled. For now, I will reflect on my private world as I swim in Chiang Mai.

Nothing can curtail my dreams - water is my freedom.

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    Debra Levine

Comments on this post (2)

  • Apr 20, 2021

    That was so beautiful and inspiring. Always. You have a way to make me get up. Never to give up. You are a hero to me. I love you. ❤️

    — Norie Lichtenstul

  • Apr 19, 2021

    Hi Debra, I know the allure of Koh Samui. In the early 90’s when I lived in BKK, I was a regular visitor to Chaweng Beach, that is until I discovered Mae Nam beach and the privacy and quietness it offered. I recall once walking through a palm grove in Mae Nam, only to nearly step upon a procession of ants, scurrying along with such determination and expediency that I had to stop and observe. Me being me, I took a small stick and poked at the soldier ants guarding the edges of the convoy. As soon as I did I felt terrible. The ants communication was instantaneous, and they were now on high alert. Their behavior changed and I had caused it.

    As I sit in the stink of that regret I remember another ant story. In BKK I’d often eat at the street food vendors which were ubiquitous in those days. The metal tables were always clean, but teams of minuscule ants surfed the table tops scouting for food and sugar. A Peace Corp volunteer showed me another remorseful trick. Say there were 20 or 30 microscopic ants gleaning the surface of the table. He said, “Watch this!” He squashed one ant with his thumb. Immediately the remaining ants went helter skelter. It was funny for the microsecond it took to realize the consciousness of the ants on that table far excelled the human goons that had just murdered one of their tribe.

    I have other memories from Koh Samui that have nothing to do with my contribution to species annihilation, but I’ll save those for another time. I hope you are well. Sorry your trip had to be cancelled. I feel the disappointment from my bird cage in Qatar. Big hug. Stay on the sunny side. 🌹

    — John

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