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Lost Not Found

Lost Not Found

Pack | Ship | Track | Lost
Tracking Number 7628151624

In times past, viewing the above image, my mind would possibly flash to Piet Mondrian - not anymore. Now I am reminded of the freight company that lost my packet containing important documents. How is it that my go-to international express delivery service fails me? It does and seemingly without a tinge of remorse.

I drop off the documents on September 2. Based on numerous past experiences, I anticipate a smooth and uncomplicated transaction - wrong. 

International shipping has been essential to my business since 1980.

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Documents

What do I learn from this experience? The company's claim to be customer-centric is false. I am responsible for pursuing the ongoing investigation to locate the missing packet floating between Bangkok and somewhere in the United States. As of September 11, the research specialist claims the shipment is lost.  


  • September 1: Copy documents
  • September 2: Take documents to be packed and Shipped
    • Receive shipping label - includes tracking number and barcode
  • September 4: Begin online tracking. ETA September 11 
  • September 7: Labor Day Weekend: Closed Monday
  • September 8: Delivery on schedule
  • September 9: Delivery on schedule
  • September 10: Call customer service to confirm status
    • Informed of the possibility of a lost shipment - investigating. 
  • September 11: Confirms lost shipment
  • September 12: Weekend - Closed
  • September 13: Weekend - Closed
  • September 14: Opens an official file to trace the shipment
  • September 15: Shipper has a video proving shipment left Thailand
  • September 16: US requests pictures - begins a thorough search
  • September 17: Says packet never arrived in the US.
  • September 18: Rosh Hashanah Eve - I do not call
  • September 19: Weekend - Closed
  • September 20: Weekend - Closed
  • September 23: Receive email - Case Closed

Dear Ms. Levine,

Senior Management conducted a search for the missing package and could not locate. We have exhausted our search in the USA. The package is lost. Please file a claim with Thailand regarding the loss of the shipment. The trace is closed and I apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. Thank you for choosing X and best regards

Research Specialist, Customer Contact 

Do I consider the above email to be a customer-centric response? Is it even slightly empathetic? Absolutely not.

  • September 23: Case Reopened - New team to investigate
  • September 24: Call to follow-up on status - Nothing
  • September 25: Call to follow-up on status - Nothing
  • September 26: Weekend - Closed
  • September 27: Weekend - Closed
  • September 28: Yom Kippur - I do not call
  • September 29: No Correspondence
  • September 30: No Correspondence

Investigation from September 23 - 30: No correspondence from Team 2

  • October 1: Call to follow-up on status: Team 2 confirms lost.

      How Many Times Can a Lost Item Be Scanned?

      Package Evaporated


      Final Result: US Company Blames Thailand - Origin of Shipment 


      Are you interested in learning more about Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl Art Movement? Click links.

      How many times can a reputable international freight company bounce a client around? Maintaining an active search for the missing documents becomes my responsibility. Their lack of accountability and follow-through is appalling. I doubt I am alone in my experience.

      This past month fruitlessly tracing a shipment causes much frustration and many other emotions I successfully repress - not a healthy mind and body experience: yes, I tame myself in an imaginary cage. As repetitious and wearisome this episode has been for me, I can imagine the reader's boredom, too.

      How can I make amends? Hopefully, the three above links will interest you as much as they do me. Or perhaps you will find interest in my upcoming post: My First Kiss.

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