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I Can Fly

I Can Fly

Curiosity and Surprises
Life Is Full of Dreams

I loved bath time with my mother - it was our special moment. I would chatter cheerfully and endlessly about secret dreams as my giggles and splashing water filled the room. I ramble on about the day I will soon be able to fly, as she calmly and meticulously finger-curls my hair. After patting me dry and giving me a loving tickle, she helps me put on my pajamas. Before being tucked into bed, I prance around the house on tiptoes, hands fluttering with a bouncy rhythm that would one day allow me to soar through the air. 

Frolicking in water was my freedom - a place where there were no limitations. Having three older sisters with many friends who always included me, I learned my way around the pool very young. Fearless, I would try anything. We spent many summer hours playing a swimming version of red rover, diving for coins or the occasional frog, racing, and eating caramel parfaits. Oh, yes, caramel parfaits - how yummy!  

If I were not in the water, I would practice flying at the crowded poolside. Nobody knew what I was doing - not even my sisters. My longing to glide in the air from place to place was between my mother and me - our secret. Others only saw the youngest Levine girl with a headful of springy ringlets entertaining herself performing a repetitive, ongoing dance routine - teasingly labeled the fairy dust walk.

I talk enthusiastically about Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - clinging passionately to my desire to fly. Curious and determined, my imagination fills up with new possibilities and aspirations as I continue to play in my private world - nobody is going to shatter my dreams.

Tick Tock-Tick Tock: time passes, and many surprises sprinkle on me. 

Question: At what point in life do dreams become a fantasy stamped - Delusional?

A Mother's Love: Innocence Protected

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    Debra Levine

Comments on this post (7)

  • Jul 08, 2020

    Beautiful memories. You still have the free spirit to soar to new heights and places.

    — Marci Yunes

  • Jul 07, 2020

    To think of you fluttering in the air is to imagine you experiencing sheer joy, allowing your wings to take you to new places..
    How fortunate you are to have shared such special moments with your mom-
    And what a beautiful imprimatur remains decades later of these times that reflect your spirit- with values that Keep you grounded and with wings that spread joy, imagination, inspiration and love wherever you go.

    — Suzy

  • Jul 07, 2020

    Another wonderful blog post., one that most people can relate to from their own similar experiences.

    — Muffy

  • Jul 06, 2020

    I love this. It took me back to Bedford Road and Southmoor! Loved those times. ❤️

    — Steffie

  • Jul 06, 2020

    Now I feel I am the one coming into my sister’s room at school to get the piano ….smiling and wanting to wave to my little sister.—-cuz I am so proud of her. Its only taken me 62 years to get how special your sisters’ were to you. You were so proud of us…and all I wanted was to shrink as you entered the room with that toothless smile of yours….spreading your own fairy dust of love. …no agenda but to get the piano delivered to your first grade class and to say hello to your older sister’s. I can go back to that time and remember …You BEAMED love!
    Thank you little one for helping me remember. And thank you for keeping your imagination in-tacked. Love you

    — Carolyn

  • Jul 06, 2020

    Those are some great memories glad you have them.

    — Natalie Cowley

  • Jul 05, 2020

    I love this blog.; especially this picture. I remember you at that age and the adventurous spirit you came in with. I did not know you had a secret dream about flying. You are lucky you have some touching moments with our mother. I love seeing her through your eyes. Another A plus sharing from Ms. Debra.

    — Marilyn

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